ISQM’s Coaching and Mentoring System drives behavior change and accelerates business results. 

Upon completion of the coaching and mentoring program, participants will be able to increase their performance by:

  • Identifying the appropriate customer touch points for strategic decision making
  • Further developing dialogue skills in order to uncover the customers challenging issues and communicate the positive business impact your company’s solutions will have on these issues
  • Defining what different stakeholders value and to tailor how you communicate your company’s value accordingly
  • Expanding existing relationships by reaching new decision makers
  • Utilizing tools that enhance the customer experience, strategic decision making, and customer dialogues
  • Developing feedback and self-coaching skills in order to ensure ongoing development

Blended, stand-alone classroom, eLearning, webinar, Train-the-Trainer

Exercises, Role Plays, Planners, podcasts, video casts, books

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