The ISQM’s Service Quality Management Champion Training helps develop the skills needed for Middle Managers and Supervisors to effectively manage the work environment.

These Workshops will Equip Employees with the Skills to Strengthen Relationships with Both Internal and External Customers. 

Some Challenges that Middle Managers Face:

  • Underestimating the value of the employee
  • Not understanding the lifetime value of the customer
  • Lack of a strategic focus on service quality
  • Inability to engage, empower and coach employees to harness their effectiveness
  • Hiring, Developing and Retaining the Best Employees
  • Dynamics of Service Leadership

The ISQM’s Training Workshops provide the process, skills, and tools to help Middle MAnagers and Supervisors negotiate win-win deals, strengthen long-term relationships, and avoid missing opportunities to create loyal customers. Participants of these Workshops learn to strategically plan the procedures and policies that service organizations must develop and implement in order to ensure service excellence.

  • Build more profitable customer relationships
  • Inspire greater trust and loyalty in both internal and external customers
  • Reduce conflict in the workplace
  • Improve organizational excellence and performance
  • Creating Effective Service Design and Standards
  • Creating a Customer Service Strategy
  • Developing a Customer Service Charter
  • Managing Service Employees
  • Measuring and Monitoring Service Quality
  • Customer Relationship Marketing
  • Rules of Service Leadership

Like many of our training programs, our content is highly customized to any level, from new to experienced managers, and executive management.

Available through 1-3 Day Interactive Workshops, led by Qualified ISQM Facilitators. We can also customize any of our Workshops to meet your exact needs.





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