Service Quality Management Star Training is specifically designed to equip all front-line employees with the knowledge, skills and tools to be able to meet and exceed customers’ expectations.

Critical Issues Facing Front-line Employees:

  • Understanding the critical role they play in creating customer satisfaction
  • Understanding what customers expect of service
  • Dealing with angry, frustrated customers
  • Not knowing how to act and behave in different service encounters/settings
  • Inability to listen to customer comments, complaints, etc.

ISQM’s STAR Training Workshops Prepare Front-line Employees To Be Able To Provide Excellent Customer Service.

The ISQM’s Service Quality Management STAR Training Workshops take an in-depth look at customer service excellence and gives the front-line employee a wealth of skills and knowledge that will enhance their professional performance as a service provider. These Signature Workshops provide participants with the necessary tools to enable them to “shine brightly” in any service setting or service industry. At the end of the sessions, participants will feel empowered and engaged to leverage their new found knowledge to better understand their customers’ needs, and provide a greater customer experience.

  • Dramatically improve the quality of customer service interactions between employees and customers
  • Create more empowered and engaged front-line employees who can meet customers’ expectations and engender customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Drive revenue and business performance by increasing repeat purchases and creating positive word-of-mouth marketing
  • Understanding and managing the Unique Characteristics of Services
  • Listening and Responding to Customers’ Needs
  • Managing Service Encounters
  • Role of the Service Employee
  • Dealing with Angry, Dissatisfied Customers
  • Creating a Service Recovery Strategy
  • Going the Extra Mile
  • It’s All in the Attitude

Similar to all of The ISQM’s training programs, our content is highly customized to any level, from new to experienced front-line employees

Available through 1-day Interactive Workshops, led by Qualified ISQM Facilitators. We can also customize any of our Workshops to meet your exact needs.



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